• Justin Lawler

    Justin Lawler

    Self-Quantifier, tech-lover and biohacker. Organiser of Dublin Quantified Self. Developer. More at http://justinlawler.net

  • scottgale


    Multi-faceted person bridging roles between business, quality design, and scalable systems. Lead a large team in deploying solutions for over 15,000 sites.

  • Birgitte Aga

    Birgitte Aga

    Artist/technologist/designer/human exploring human + AI relationships = πŸ’“ [πŸ€–/☠️] ?

  • Ethney Kiprop

    Ethney Kiprop

    Solar energy and data analytics for Bop consumers in Kenya

  • Guille Paz

    Guille Paz

    πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Front End Web Developer ⚑️ Web Performance Lover | Sr. Technical Manager at $MELI

  • Kyle Mitofsky

    Kyle Mitofsky

    .NET Developer by Day; JS Enthusiast by Night

  • Owen W.

    Owen W.

    Making money. Writing. Fitness. Travel. Motivation and some gaming.

  • Nick Quaranto

    Nick Quaranto

    @qrush is a short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry. Working on @Agrilyst, @CoworkBuffalo, @MxDesk.

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