Resources for People Grieving After a Miscarriage

Mo McElaney
3 min readJan 14, 2021

Since writing about my experience with miscarriage, “On Silence and a Tiny Butterfly”, people in my sphere tend to reach out to me when they experience unexpected pregnancy loss. I am grateful to be able to offer comfort or understanding in these moments, as I know how isolating this experience can be. Im also selfishly happy to have another person to share with and talk about the baby I lost. Because its been 5 years and I still grieve for them, especially on the day that might have been their birthday.

Miscarriage might be more common than you realize and shouldnt be a taboo topic but that doesnt mean you dont deserve to grieve. Losing a being who was part of you and who you loved and longed to meet is horrible. You dont deserve to deal with people trying to rush you through or attempting to explain away that grief. To heal you need to move through it at your own pace.

“How will I know if I’m HEALED if I can’t remember how I felt BEFORE?” @bymariandrew

I decided it might be worthwhile to have a place to share some resources that have given me comfort and places to grieve over the years. I will try to keep this up to date as I come across more things and hopefully as more resources become available.

Resources for during/after miscarriage

Resources for pregnancy after miscarriage

That’s all for now but I will add more as I find more things that resonate with me. If you are reading this while grieving a pregnancy loss, know that you deserve to feel everything you are feeling and it’s nobody’s business but your own how long it takes to heal or what you do next. ❤



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